Leno Mesh Bags

BAG for Farmer’s produce and Industry needs.

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Leno Mesh Bags

Leno mesh bags are made of polypropylene material weaved polypropylene fabric and allows air circulation for the product that is packed in the Fabric Bag. PP Leno mesh bags bring numerous benefits when it comes to storing and transporting produce. Constructed from high-quality polypropylene (PP) material, these bags surpass the durability of traditional paper or plastic alternatives.
These bags are in lightweight and having strength making them suitable for packing and transporting products like vegetables, onions, cabbage, corn as well as fruits. With this ventilation and aeration of bags, the use of these leno bags makes vegetables and fruits placed inside them remain fresh for a longer time.
These bags are available in a wide range of attractive colour combinations. Leno Mesh Bags can be tailored to meet specific client requirements. The bottom stitching and top hemming enhance the bags’ stacking strength. These bags offer a fine finish, are water-proof, and are built for long life.
We provide Leno Bags with the best quality and timely delivery at affordable cost.

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